• Female Supremacy And Discipline From Board of Corrective Women
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  • Female Supremacy And Discipline From Board of Corrective Women
  • Overseers Scold Naughty Male Creatures Before They Spank!
  • Male Creatures Kept Permanently Sexually Frustrated As They Worship The Women Who Own Them!
  • Naughty Boys Who Break The Rules Get Red Stinging Spanked Bottoms at The Institute of Feminine Discipline!
  • A Naughty Male Creature Must Always Understand Why He Is Being Punished
  • All Spankings Are Recorded And Reviewed By Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia. A Naughty Boy May Be Recalled If She Does Not Think He Has Been Adaquately Punished!

Update - 24 February - Miss Charise Sissifies And Spanks Chauvinistic Male Creature

b2ap3 thumbnail IFD066 025 blogThis week at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club Miss Charise returns in the movie Sissy Spanking where her naughty boy is made to dress in a ladies party frock to receive his bare bottom spanking over her knee!  Mocked for his de-mascilisation Miss Charise uses her FemDom College training to its borders as she strips away all of her naughty boys masulinity, humiliates and debases him and then asserts her authority over him by soundly spanking and paddling him across her knee.  Antoinne has no say in the matter except to say Yes Miss and thank You Miss.  

Just as it should be Miss Charise demonstrates just how well she can strrip away any male creatures chauvanistic attitudee in seconds!  Female Supremacy must afterall be maintained AT ALL TIMES in the Instiutte of Feminine Discipline

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Update - 17 February - Miss Lina Birch Decides. Reward or Punishment?

IFD068 073 blogMiss Lina Birch returns to the Institute of Feminine Discipline this month as she travels around the country as Miss Acacia's Chief of Staff and visits the Gloucestershire IFD and Spanking Centre.  Two boys have been lined up at random as Miss Acacia likes in her Reward or Punishment routine and neither knows which will be rewarded and which will be punished.  

Usually this is a routine that Miss Acacia likes to participate in as it spreads word of her reputation as a strict disciplinarian across the country and helps to invoke fear and trepidation in males at the thought that they might feel the cold kiss of her leather paddle.  Now that Miss Acacia has appointed Her Chief of Staff however and that Overseer is filling in for Miss Acacia in many of Her duties as Miss Overseer Supreme, Miss Lina is taking on this routine in Miss Acacia's stead also.  

Here we see the first of the Reward or Punishment meetings held by Miss Lina as she teases the boys as to who might be getting a spanked bottom at any moment!

We hope you enjoy the video!

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Update - 10 February - MLF Burglar Faces Miss Selina's Paddle When Caught Red Handed In Overseers Common Room


Miss Selina has returned one more to the Institute of Feminine Discipline as she discovers, quizzes and disciplines MLF activist and burglar Mark.

Male creatures are forbidden to enter certain rooms which are cleaned only by Higher Regarded Male Creatures in the presence of and under the supervision of a superior Woman and this is the case with the Overseers Common Room at the Gloucestershire IFD.

So when mark is caught not only inside the common room but attempting to steal official Board of Corrective Women property his discipline is inevitable.  

Miss Seliana as a high ranking official of tbe Board of Corrective women does not often spank naughty boys choosing instead to pas them to one of Her employees to discipline but on this ocasion she certainly makes a point of doing this spanking personally!

We hope you enjoy the video!

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Update - 03 February - Two Misbehaving Males Face The Cane of Miss Amy

b2ap3 thumbnail IFD04 003 blog

Returning to the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline this week in the conclusion of Disobedience Earns a Whupping is none other than the feared disciplinarian Miss Amy Hunter who is administeringa very sound bare bottom spanking to not one but two naughty boys incarsorated at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  

The boys have already been put over Miss Amys knee and spanked with her hand and paddles, they have been strapped and as is always the case with Miss Amy no misbehaving male EVER walks away from his disobedience without having had her cane striking his bare butt at least 12 times!  And THAT is just for the better behaved males!

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Update - 28 January - Miss Selina Accompanies New Remedial Behavioural Therapist Miss Jenna On Her First Day At Chelsea Spanking Centre

b2ap3 thumbnail IFD055 111 blog

Welcome back to the Institute of Feminine Disciplne Members Club where this week we welcome our awesome Spanking Centre Archon Miss Selina Rothschild back!  

Miss Selina is on a visit to Her Chelsea Spanking Centre especially set up to deal with West Londons unsupervised misbehaving males!   It is Miss Jennas very first day as the Spanking Centres Remedial Behavioural Therapist and Miss Selina has come down to welcome Her new addition to her very strict team and to make sure Miss Jenna knows that males are to be spanked very soundly indeed for their misdeeds.  

Miss Jenna for Her part is determined to impress Her new Boss and all of this means a very unpleasant (?) time for poor Arjun!

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Update - 20 January - Spanking Centre Assistant Miss Viktoria Steps In To Administer Daily Spanking

b2ap3 thumbnail IFD062ViktoriaDaily 70 blog

Here in the UK in the year 2055 Woemn now rule the land.  Guidelines are put out regularly by the Board of Corrective Women to all Women on how to keep their male creatures in line using the denial of sexual relief and twice daily scheeuled spankings.  For women in society the advice is just that.  Advice.  For males incarsorated at an Institute of Feminine Discipline however the discipline described by the Board of Correcitive Women in its general advice guidelines are a way of life and mandatory for all males to udnergo!  

We believe the success rate of the IFD's in turning around semi ferel males into good respectable lackies for superior Females speaks volumes about why the advice is so worthy!

This video is a fly on the wall video where you get to see just one of hte daily spankings that all males go through twice dialy!

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Update - 13 January - Sissy Feminised and Spanked Over Miss Charise's Knee

b2ap3 thumbnail IFD066 025 blog

This week at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club Miss Charise has returned and is well and truly practicing all the techniques that she learned in FemDom College before being employed here at the Gloucestershire Spanking Centre and IFD as a Spanking Centre Assistant.  For not content with spanking her charge this week she seeks to humiliate him as much as she can.  This she does by ordering the cheuvanist male to wear a 19th to early 20th century womans frock with frills to demascualte him!

But being dressed as a woman does not save Antoinnes butt from a paddling from our Spanking Centre Assistant as in no time at all Miss Charise puts Antoinne over her knee, pulls his skirts up and panties down and soundly spanks his bare bottom!

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