• Female Supremacy And Discipline From Board of Corrective Women
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  • Female Supremacy And Discipline From Board of Corrective Women
  • Overseers Scold Naughty Male Creatures Before They Spank!
  • Male Creatures Kept Permanently Sexually Frustrated As They Worship The Women Who Own Them!
  • Naughty Boys Who Break The Rules Get Red Stinging Spanked Bottoms at The Institute of Feminine Discipline!
  • A Naughty Male Creature Must Always Understand Why He Is Being Punished
  • All Spankings Are Recorded And Reviewed By Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia. A Naughty Boy May Be Recalled If She Does Not Think He Has Been Adaquately Punished!

Update - 06 October - Whining Male Creatures Spanked With Miss Shay's Hairbrush

Miss Shay Spanks Their Bare Bottoms Beautiful Miss Shay demonstrates to all naughty boys out there what happens when you to whine and complain about your Overseer's. Whether She has denied you Her permission to masturbate or whether she has spanked your bare bottom when you were disobedient or disrespectful you should always remember that it is Her prerogative how your day should be spent and not yours! Complaining about your Overseer disciplining you or deciding not to reward you disrespects Her and challenges Her authority over you and this is NEVER tolerated!

Watch and learn boys as Miss Shay demonstrates what happens to these two male creatures when they whine about their spankings and Miss Shays decision to deny them permission to squirt!

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Update - 29 September - Hacker Receives The Cane From Miss Amy

IFD20 012 blog

Miss Amy has returned to the Members Club of the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline this week and She is not giving ANY naughty boy ANY quarter from discipline, least of all one that is known to be a leader of the terrorist group the Male Liberation Front! But when Miss Amy discovers that Dodgy Dave is behind a plot to have her dismissed as Grand Overseer at the Surrey IFD she is furious!

It is not the personal attack on Miss Amy that angers her the most where the MLF hoped to have Miss Acacia fire her as Grand Overseer but that a mere male creature dared in the first instance to cross her and moreover dared to try to manipulate superior Goddesses which Miss Amy finds particularly insulting!

Dodgy Dave knew he was in trouble and that Miss Amy would not go easy on him but now the woman feared so much by all the males at the institute as one of the least compromising and hardest spankers they must report to has brought out her cane! And as the words bend over come out of Miss Amy's mouth David knows this is going to hurt like hell!

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Update - 22 September - Miss Acacia Extends Male Reverence And Fear As She Decides Who To Reward And Who To Punish

IFD050 017 blogOur illustrious leader Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia returns this week in her second update of the Reward or Punishment series in which she takes two male creatures at random at the Institute of Feminine Discipline and chooses to spank one whilst she rewards the other.   Neither know who will be rewarded or punished for the 2 weeks that they have known that they have been selected.  It is a high honour indeed to be spanked by Miss Acacia however she is known to spank hard and fear at this discipline amongst male creatures at the Institute is inevitable as the clock ticks down to the date of their appointment!

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Update - 15 September - Failure To Disclose Results In Spanking From Miss Rebekah

IFD016 014 blog

Miss Rebekah returns this week to the Institue of Feminine Discipline Members Club where she is left with the responsibility of punishing chronicly ill behaved male creature dave who purposely deceived her by failing to disclose that he had already been punished only days earlier for the same offence as he was on that ocasion being spanked for.  This failure to disclose is itself a spankable offence as david discovers on this the second spanking to arise for his non disclosure! He has already been spanked for this by Miss Amy and now faces more discipline from a much irritated Miss Rebekah who has been criticised due to this deceit by the Executive Council of the Board of Corrective Women as indeed has Miss Amy!  

One way to ensure that you get a spanking in the Surrey IFD is to make your Overseer look as though She is too lenient with you to the Board of Corrective Women as Dodgy dave now discovers!!!

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Update - 08 September - Complaint Goes Wrong For Two Naughty Boys As Miss Shay Reminds Them Who Is In Charge!

Miss Shay Paddles Two Naughty Boys BottomsMiss Shay has taken over at the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline and is hoping to make her position permanent as Miss Amy is summoned to answer for the rise in MLF activity at her IFD to the Board of Corrective Women Executive Council and to Miss Acacia Herself.

Faced with possible promotion to Grand Overseer all of the Overseer's at the Institute are spanking bottoms very hard and very frequently right now making life as a male creature close to unbearable under the clamp down!  And Miss Shay known for her beauty and her apparent more liberal attitude to male relief in group masturbation sessions is determined to ensure that she gets the job!  The Male Liberation Front for their part at this institute are also hoping in their hearts that she does!  But of course Miss Amy may well be back to put the dampener on those hopes very soon!  

In any event right now the boys who have made a complaint to MOS Acacia about the treatment that they received at the Institue and of Miss Shay's refusal to allow them to squirt at a group masturbation session are now to face corporal punishment discipline from the same Goddess of whom they complained!  Miss Shay clearly intends to start teh way she means to go on and is leaving no room for misunderstanding about who is in charge!

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Update - 31 August - Miss Amy Leaves Hacker Sore And Sorry With Her Spade Paddle!

IFD20 012 blogMale Liberation Front leader Dodgy Dave is in trouble again and has already been put across Miss Amy's knee and had his hands strapped! Now today he is bent over by Miss Amy for a sound paddling with her spade paddle and more.

A bad boy may wish that his punishment would end but that does not help him as that paddle strikes hard at his butt sending a short sharp shock straight to his head that leaves his butt on fire!

Miss Amy is determined that he pay the price for his misbehaviour and she sure goes all out to deliver due punishment!

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Update - 25 August - Punishment May Be A Reward Loser Male Creature Reflects Over Miss Lina Birch's Knee

IFD077 072 blogMiss Lina Birch returns to the Institute of Feminine Discipline this week as she summons naughty boy to her apartment in the Board of Corrective Women's HQ in Surrey.  Being a stately home there is plenty of room every single Executive Board member and all Her lackies to have living quarters in the building although the male creatures with the exception of submissive husbands are all kept in a different part of the building.  Husbands are allowed to sleep at the bottom of their Overseer's bed on the floor AS LONG AS THEY REMAIN QUIET!!!   No snoring is allowed it goes wtihout saying and many husbands have started their day out with red stinging bottoms when they have forgotten this rule!

Anyway, in a follow up to the Reward or Punishment series of videos Miss Lina has male creature adam with her after releasing another male creature to take a reward.  Adam is given a very sound bare bottom spanking over Miss Lina's knee!

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