• Female Supremacy And Discipline From Board of Corrective Women
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  • Female Supremacy And Discipline From Board of Corrective Women
  • Overseers Scold Naughty Male Creatures Before They Spank!
  • Male Creatures Kept Permanently Sexually Frustrated As They Worship The Women Who Own Them!
  • Naughty Boys Who Break The Rules Get Red Stinging Spanked Bottoms at The Institute of Feminine Discipline!
  • A Naughty Male Creature Must Always Understand Why He Is Being Punished
  • All Spankings Are Recorded And Reviewed By Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia. A Naughty Boy May Be Recalled If She Does Not Think He Has Been Adaquately Punished!

Update - 25 August - Punishment May Be A Reward Loser Male Creature Reflects Over Miss Lina Birch's Knee

IFD077 072 blogMiss Lina Birch returns to the Institute of Feminine Discipline this week as she summons naughty boy to her apartment in the Board of Corrective Women's HQ in Surrey.  Being a stately home there is plenty of room every single Executive Board member and all Her lackies to have living quarters in the building although the male creatures with the exception of submissive husbands are all kept in a different part of the building.  Husbands are allowed to sleep at the bottom of their Overseer's bed on the floor AS LONG AS THEY REMAIN QUIET!!!   No snoring is allowed it goes wtihout saying and many husbands have started their day out with red stinging bottoms when they have forgotten this rule!

Anyway, in a follow up to the Reward or Punishment series of videos Miss Lina has male creature adam with her after releasing another male creature to take a reward.  Adam is given a very sound bare bottom spanking over Miss Lina's knee!

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Update - 18 August - Non Disclosure Results In Second Spanking!

IFD016 014 blog

Returning to the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline this week is the awesome but mightily irritated Miss Rebekah who because of a conspiracy devised by Dodgy Dave has been criticised by the National Executive of the Board of Corrective Women for not spanking his bottom more severely.

What is that we hear you say? Miss Rebekah not spanking somebody hard enough or levelly enough? Yes its difficult to believe we know until you understand that she had believed Dodgy Dave's assurances that he had not in fact been disciplined for a similar offence recently which would have required that his punishment be increased!

Of course now Daves spanking WILL be increased as both Miss Amy AND Miss Rebekah have taken it upon themselves to discipline Dave for this offence! And rightly so!

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Update - 14 July - Hacker Dave Put Over Miss Amy's Knee

IFD20 012 blogAfter having his hands strapped last week, Miss Amy has begun the process of making good on her promise to tan his backside this week as she pulls down his trousers and pants and puts him over her knee for a bare bottom paddling!

Dodgy Dave always has a problem with seeing things the woman's way it seems and it always takes a good half hour of having his bottom spanked before he begins to submit to their authority and will.

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Update - 04 August - Mikes Grievance Ends In Spanked Bottom From Miss Acacia

ifd38 001 blogMaking a point this week at Institute of Feminine Discipline our illustrious leader Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia returns to challenge a naughty boy over wasting Her time with petty grievances.

Naughty boys need to learn that they are not in this world to challenge the authority of the superior sex! And Miss Acacia is determined that She is going to teach this basic fact to mike this afternoon as he lays over Her Knee getting his bare bottom spanked!

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Update - 28 July - Are Males Ever Rewarded At Institute of Feminine Discipline?

IFD077 072 blogDo our strict Overseers ever reward males during their time at the Institute of Feminine Discipline?  That is a question many boys may ask and which we seek to respond to today with our latest video entitled Reward or Punishment

In truth the answer is an emphatic NO!  Naughty boys who are sent for remedial behavioural modification at the Institute of Feminine Discipline or one of the many Spanking Centres across the country are most certainly NOT rewarded unless you consider a stinging red smacked bottom as a reward!  And perhaps you do but if you were caned by one our Overseer's you would most certainly not consider it so! Senior management however such as Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia and more recently Her Chief of Staff Miss Lina Birch have taken to spreading fear across the land into the hearts of naughty boys everywhere that if they are ever summoned to report to one of these ladies during a visit they have at least a 50% chance of being soundly spanked at that meeting thus spreading fear at the very mention of their names!  But causing some debate and disagreement in the ranks of Overseer's who do not see this policy of allowing any priviliges to males who have behaved during their time incarsorated as a punishemnt in an IFD as appropriate is the fact that this happens.   The Campaign for Stricter Discipline argues that though the intentions are good the sympathy and kindness shown for good behaviour in this, group wank sessions and other similar initiatives merely rewards males for behaviour that other males are expected to maintain without reward at all times in any event!  Thus naughty boys incarsorated in IFD's, they argue, are receiving better treatement than the well behaved boys serving Womankind correctly on the outside!  Miss Acacia argues that the carrot and stick approach works best on the outside too but this debate continues to rage!

In any event this week we peek in on the punishent side of one such reward or punishement session lead by Miss Lina Birch.  Until there is unainimity as to whether male creatures should be rewarded for good behavour however video of the reward will remain banned in the UK and beyond by order of the Executive Council of the Board of Corrective Women.

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Update - 21 July - Dodgy Dave In Hot Water With Hot Butt With Miss Rebekah

IFD016 014 blog

Perhaps our strictest and certainly one of our hardest spanking Goddess's has returned this week to administer some additional much needed bare bottom spanking to Dodgy Dave as he answers for making Her look bad in front of Miss Amy and the Executive of the Board of Corrective Women!  

For Dodgy Dave is expected to disclose to any overseer prior to her deciding on his punishment any similar offences for which he has been punished in recent times.  And recent times is defined as whatever the Overseer concerned decides it is defined!  It may be 6 mins or it may be 6 decades!  The male creature of course has no say in this!  In this case however there is no issue with this as only a few days had passed at most since he was spanked for a similar offence! And Dodgy Dave most certainly was not volunteering inforation that might increase his discipline!

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Update - 14 July - Miss Amy Returns To Strap Hacker Dave's Hands

IFD20 012 blogWe welcome back Miss Amy today after a long break :)  She has been dealing with agrivation that has been caused for her by the Male Liberation Front and when she is emailed by Miss Overseer Supremem Acacia forwarding on sevearl abusive emails that have been sent to Miss Acacia from Miss Amy's email account she gets to work invesigating who is responsible.  It does not take long to discover that it is the suspected MLF leader in the Surrey IFD, none other than Dodgy Dave!

Dodgy Dave tries to deny this at first but when faced with the evidence he struggles to find any reasonable explanation and gets his hands strapped with a Glasgow 3 tailed tawse!

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