• Female Supremacy And Discipline From Board of Corrective Women
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  • Female Supremacy And Discipline From Board of Corrective Women
  • Overseers Scold Naughty Male Creatures Before They Spank!
  • Male Creatures Kept Permanently Sexually Frustrated As They Worship The Women Who Own Them!
  • Naughty Boys Who Break The Rules Get Red Stinging Spanked Bottoms at The Institute of Feminine Discipline!
  • A Naughty Male Creature Must Always Understand Why He Is Being Punished
  • All Spankings Are Recorded And Reviewed By Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia. A Naughty Boy May Be Recalled If She Does Not Think He Has Been Adaquately Punished!

Update - 24 November - Paddled Over Miss Shay's Knee

Naughty boy spanked by Miss Shay Hendrix Miss Shay has returned to duty this week and is reasserting her authority over two naughty boys who had the audacity not only to challenge her decisions but to write an official complaint about Her to Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia!

Of course Miss Acacia was never going to take any notice of the boys and this spanking as well as the spanking they received from Miss Acacia was always inevitable but Miss Acacia does find complaints from male creatures whining about not being allowed to squirt kind of amusing so She continues to allow the boys to make them! But the boys are ALWAYS spanked if they do!

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Update - 17 November - A Paddling From Miss Acacia

IFD050 017 blogNaughty boys face strict discipline in the Institute of Feminine Discipline this much everybody in the land knows!  Spanked twice daily simply to maintain ther understanding of Female supremacy and authority male creatures know better than to question the logic of ANY superior Female Overseer much less that of the Overseer Supreme Miss Acacia Herself! 

Spreading infamy and fear across the land at the mere mention of Her name Miss Acacia follows a routine of spanking one naughty boys bottom every time she visits a Board of Corrective Women instiute and rewarding another for good behaviour.  The problem for the boys is that though both know 2 weeks in advance that Miss Acacia will be summoning them neither knows whether he will be receiving the reward or indeed whether he will be getting his trousers and pants pulled down and his bare bottom soundly spanked!

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Update - 09 November - Miss Rebekah Spanks Bad Boy With Her Cane!

IFD016 014 blog

It will come as no surprise to ANY superior Female that a smacked bottom works wonders on any male creatures behaviour and it is for this reason that corporal punishment is not only encouraged for Women to practice on their male property but mandatory daily routine in all IFD's and Spanking Centres by MOS Decree throughout the land!

Males have no say in this of course but they ARE expected to assist their Overseer's disciplinary decisions by submissively bending over upon command and also by reminding them of any similar offences for which they have recently been punished! David for his part deliberately withheld that information from Miss Rebekah about a previous spanking and this has been picked up by the Board of Corrective Women. And now Dave faces a 3rd spanking for this offence having already been spanked once for non disclosure by Miss Amy and now again by Miss Rebekah.

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Update - 03 November - Bent Over Desk and Spanked By Miss Shay

ifd43 blog Getting in trouble with your Overseer can be painful enough when she spanks you but you must always remember your place! You are NOT worthy to question a supreme Females disciplinary decisions about you and when you complain about them you should expect no sympathy from others!

Mike and Drew are learning this basic fact today bent over Miss Shay's desk as she paddles their bottoms soundly! You naughty boys should learn from their error too as you watch this video! Be under no illusion! The Board of Corrective Women will NOT tolerate ANY disrespect or sass from ANY male creature! Expect a soundly spanked bottom if you do not heed this warning!

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Update - 26 October - Caned By Miss Amy Hacker Gets His Punishment

IFD20 012 blog

Returning to the Institute of Feminine Discipline this week is none other than the strict and harsh disciplinarian Miss Amy Hunter who having been subjected to a Male Liberation Front plot to have Her fired from Her job follows up on Miss Acacia's instructions (as if She needed them on this occasion) to spank the culprits bottom and spank it hard!

Having identified the culprit having hacked Miss Amy's email as one Dodgy Dave Miss Amy sets about spanking the male miscreant long and hard! And today his corporal punishment hits the crescendo as Miss Amy spanks him with the Institute Cane!

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Update - 20 October - Mike Is Spanked 'Just Because'whilst Buddy Given Reward by Miss Acacia

IFD050 017 blogReturning this week to our Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline is our ilustrious leader Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia who continues her routine mission to spread reverance and fear through the nation at her disciplinary power over males by randomly spanking one and rewarding the other for no reason other than that she can!  The males are givien a weeks notice that they must report for the reward or punishment session for which they were randomly selected and both will have spent the last week praying that they be the one who is rewarded and fearing for the worst that they might instead by soundly spanked!

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Update - 06 October - Whining Male Creatures Spanked With Miss Shay's Hairbrush

Miss Shay Spanks Their Bare Bottoms Beautiful Miss Shay demonstrates to all naughty boys out there what happens when you to whine and complain about your Overseer's. Whether She has denied you Her permission to masturbate or whether she has spanked your bare bottom when you were disobedient or disrespectful you should always remember that it is Her prerogative how your day should be spent and not yours! Complaining about your Overseer disciplining you or deciding not to reward you disrespects Her and challenges Her authority over you and this is NEVER tolerated!

Watch and learn boys as Miss Shay demonstrates what happens to these two male creatures when they whine about their spankings and Miss Shays decision to deny them permission to squirt!

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