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FemDom Spanking is a Way of Life in The Future!

Welcome to Our World. A world of total female domination and male subjugation. It is the year 2051 and Women have been in total control for nearly 3 decades.We have many methods of discipline we use, but over the knee spanking is the norm. We also of course use our beauty and sexual prowess to help dominate and control males.

Males all over our country are regularly spanked by the women in their lives, be they wives, girlfriends, relations, acquaintances, and even total strangers.

In the tradition of what was generally called FemDom Spanking in the days of yore, it is fair to say that most males are given at least one spanking every day of their lives. In fact, now that our leader has encouraged it, most are given two daily spankings. These are scheduled spankings, and are not as severe as punishment spankings. They are designed to remind him to behave. Time should be spent over a woman's knees regularly to remind him of his place.

We at the BCW (Board of Corrective Women), the Government of our country, invite you all to have a peek into our Institutes of Feminine Discipline, otherwise known as IFD.

An Institute of Feminine Discipline is a place where women may send their males, for a period of time, to improve their behavior, and increase their respect for Feminine Authority.

Each male incarcerated at an Institute of Feminine Discipline has strict rules to follow, is given at least two scheduled spankings every day, and more if any of the Overseers feels he needs them, which he almost always does.

It is quite common for the Overseer on Duty to summon a male to her office for misbehavior. She may have seen something in the Punishment Book entered by the Overseer she relieved on duty, and decided he needs even more discipline than She administered.

Our ritual for routine spankings is simple, the naughty boy is scolded and questioned about his misbehavior while standing at Her side. She then pulls his trousers down and may do an underpants inspection, to see if he has been masturbating, or if he has a forbidden erection.

Naughty boys do seem to get hard when they are being disciplined, though we Women have never really understood why! When she is satisfied, she pulls his underpants down puts him over her knees where he is then soundly spanked with her hand, paddle, hairbrush and scolded throughout.

Once she feels she has punished him sufficiently, she will allow him to stand up, and generally send him to the corner, to think about what a naughty boy he was, and what happened to him because of his misbehavior and disobedience.

The males are not allowed to speak to each other, they are also forbidden to get erections, forbidden to masturbate, except once a month under the supervision of The Overseer on Duty.  The "Group Wank" is something each male yearns for, but he must obey the masturbation commandment all month in order to earn it. Bed sheet inspections, underpants inspections and many other ways, are used by the Dominant Women, to detect if a male has wanked. One of our mottos is

Always Remember That Wanking Rhymes With Spanking

The Women who run each Institute of Feminine Discipline, known as Behaviour Therapists, are specially trained in discipline and managing 'problem naughty boys'.  The Board of Corrective Women has devoted years of research into male behaviour and misbehaviour, and know how to make major attitude adjustments.

This tour is to give some idea of life in an IFD. It is hoped it will help males to behave better, and also to give Women some insight to an alternative they have, if their males are difficult to manage. A stay at an IFD, will correct any chronic behavior problems. Women can count on that.

Thank You. I am MOS Acacia, which stands for Miss Overseer Supreme, the leader of our government.

MOS Acacia
The Supreme Leader of the BCW

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