Correcting Chronic Male Misbehaviour Since 2047


Meet The Women Of The Institute of Feminine Discipline

Spanking is Our Most Frequent Form Of Punishment
But We Employ Many Other Forms of Female Domination and Discipline

Miss Amy
Supreme Behaviour Therapist
Grand IFD Overseer
IFD Archon
Miss Shay
Advanced Behaviour Therapist
Sexual Tormentress
Miss Rebekah
Advanced Behaviour Therapist
Sexual Tormentress
The Institute of Feminine Discipline is set in a new age world of Female Supremacy and Discipline within the beautiful country of England in the year 2051. The country is now ruled by a cabinet of wise and very strict Females, called the Board of Corrective Women. Their identity is kept a close secret from the world. Only three of the Board's Four top Members are known, including the Supreme Overseer, Miss Acacia.

Women have taken over and male creatures know their places. A male does not make a move without permission and knowledge of his Chief Overseer, who is generally his wife, or in the case of single males-the woman or women whom have registered him with The Board of Corrective Women as their property. Unclaimed males belong to the nearest Spanking Centre.

We use old fashioned corporal punishment to keep them in line, and they respond quite well to this. We recognized many years ago that males never grow up and are essentially naughty little boys who need constant Feminine Supervision and strict discipline, and that is what they all get.

Our standard means of discipline is over the knee spankings. To that end, from age 18, males are subject to spankings from any and all women, not just their Overseers. Though over the knee spanking is the standard, for more severe punishments we also use: bending over a chair, lying on the bed, putting him on all 4s etc. And employing strappings, paddlings and of course canings.

Males with chronic behaviour problems are often sent by their Overseer to an Institute of Feminine Discipline. She sentences him to a time period there, in the hopes that the Behaviour Thrapists will be able to sort him out properly with frequent and harsh spankings, paddlings, strappings and canings.

What Is An IFD?The letters simply stand for Institute of Feminine Discipline, and that is exactly what they are. An institute, a place of incarcertaion, for males with chronic behaviour problems. The closest thing akin to them from the old world would be called prisons.

However, unlike the dank, dark world of a prison, Institutes of Feminine Discipline are very pleasant surroundings, usually very fine homes in the nicest neighborhoods. The pleasant environment is neccessary because Women are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, looking after the males. Each IFD typically employs 3-5 Women and has at least 1 on duty at all times, usually 2. Each has her own suite in which she lives and sleeps while on duty, and each has her own office from which she works.

Institutes of Feminine Discipline are under constant video surveillance and for that reason we can bring you samples of life for males in an Institute of Feminine Discipline.

It is hoped this will deter misbehaviour.

The Board of Corrective Women (BCW) has passed a statute of 10 commandments by which all males must live. Breaking any one of them is dealt with by immediate application of strict corporal punishment by any and all women who witness such misbehavior, be it a wife, girlfriend, or a woman who does not even know the male. The Ten Commandments are a condensed version of the much more elaborate BCW Bylaws.

The Ten Commandments were originally drafted for the males in an Institute of Feminine Discipline. They are quite harsh, as these are very naughty boys. Our Leader, MOS Acacia, recommends that they also be followed in every home, but each Woman should modify them. For instance, maybe  allowing him to masturbate more than once a month. And not totally forbidding erections. Or she may feel one daily over the knew spanking is sufficient. FemDom spanking is at the discretion of each Woman and how she wants to run her household.

Strict Discipline, FemDom Spanking, Strict Rules, Punishments for naughty boys.  That is our credo.



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